The Perimeter

Day 74: Navax Point to Penhale Sands – Radar & Fest

Gull Rock from Hell’s Mouth, Cornwall.

Seascape, Hell’s Mouth, Cornwall.

Seascape, Derrick Cove, Cornwall.

Remote Radar Head Portreath, part of the UK Air Surveillance and Control System, Cornwall.

Web of the Lackey moth, Portreath, Cornwall.

The Horse, Portreath, Cornwall.

Remote Radar Head Portreath across the fields, Cornwall.

Sally’s Bottom, Cornwall.

Wheal Coates, Chapel Porth, Cornwall.

Polberro Cove with Cligga Head beyond, Cornwall.

Cross Coombe cliffs I, Cornwall.

Cross Coombe cliffs II, Cornwall.

Hanover Cove, Cornwall.

Mine shaft cover, Cligga Head, Cornwall.

Coastal Path to Perranporth from Cligga Head, Cornwall.

Chapel Rock, Perranporth, Cornwall.

Barbecue, Perran Beach, Cornwall.

Tunes in the Dunes Festival, Perranporth, Cornwall.

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Camp, Penhale Sands, Cornwall.