The Perimeter

Day 83: Clovelly to Appledore – Sledge & Cobble

Cobbled main street, Clovelly, Devon.

Sledge I, (Used for the delivery of goods) Clovelly, Devon.

Main street, Clovelly, Devon.

Sledge II, Clovelly, Devon.

Beech wood near Clovelly, Devon.

Barley field above Babbacombe cliff, Devon

Curtain sea below Lundy, Devon.

Cliffs toward Westward Ho!, Devon.

Lundy island and cloud, Devon.

Skern Mudflats, Appledore, Devon.

Double kayak, Appledore, Devon.

Slipway, Appledore, Devon.

Irsha Street, Appledore, Devon.

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