Soles #3 Port Gaverne to Milford Haven (1,000km)

Dyfed, Wales




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British Architectural & Landscape Photographer.

12 thoughts on “Soles #3 Port Gaverne to Milford Haven (1,000km)”

  1. Geez, your sole has worn out. Gotta go for some hiker type boots to slog thru the winter, keep your toes and soul warm… wonderful photos.

    • I replace them every 1,000km or so when they stop providing grip, kind of important as there are so many cliffs on the uk coast. Love how much less tired my feet with these light shoes though compared to big boots. Use gore-tex socks in the winter 🙂

  2. Gore tex is good … i’m truly impressed by your adventure .. your eye for detail … things that at first are not obvious but become the focus of attention … i hope to do a similar walk here in australia to raise awareness of multiple myeloma … and the plight of the homeless … enjoy the journey … talk about a road less travelled !!!!

    • Thanks, I find the speed of walking ideal to contemplate things that I’d miss if I were going faster. Good luck with your project – very worthwhile charities.

  3. When I first travelled to Britain I said something similar .. I would like to walk this land, to touch history, to see every blade of grass … enjoy the walk :))

    • New Balance Leadville, they’re endurance fell running shoes. I regret binning the huge heavy pair of leather boots I wore from Land’s End to John o groats. Soles were completely smooth and with holes!

  4. Looks like your trainers can still go a long way. Like your photos, never thought of taking a photo of my walking sketchers, though I often write about shoes, sandals, slippers etc

    • They could go a long way on a road but I need the treads to give me grip on these slippy cliff top paths to stay safe. I plan to exhibit all the shoes I wear out on the walk along with the photos at the end. I’m not a materialistic person but I regret throwing out worn out boots from previous journeys – perhaps they contain the memories of the trail!

      • Yes , the old contain memories of the trail. I wrote a short story which you will find on my site about my ‘ Expired Thongs ‘ and how I decided to throw them away and buy new ones. The new ones were so attractive, they were stolen. I continued my journey with the old ones. In times of need, the old are always there. Keep them and treasure them.

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