The Perimeter

Day 150: Tarleton to Preston – Sleeper & Shelter

Diaspora, Haunders Lane, Much Hoole, Lancashire.

Corn Chamomile & Wheat, Hutton Marsh, Lancashire.

River Ribble, Lancashire.

Resm & Rats, River Ribble, Lancashire.

Mouth of the River Ribble, Lancashire.

Shelter by the River Ribble, Lancashire.

Railway sleeper kissing gate, Preston, Lancashire.

Pylon foot, Preston, Lancashire.

Jump, Preston, Lancashire.

River Ribble, Preston Dock, Lancashire.

I came across this charming shelter at just the moment I needed a rest and to get out of the wind.

200 gram summer season stove: a Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri made from titanium and aluminium foil. Weight includes mug and 5 days solid fuel.