Put Me Up

perimeter tent

Other than purchasing a print if you live by the sea you can support the project by offering me a sofa surf, bed or pitch for my tent. You can see an estimate of where I’ll be and when on the Route Map.

If you’d be interested in putting me up on my walk along the coast please get in touch via the form below or email me on mail@quintinlake.com Thanks very much!


One thought on “Put Me Up”

  1. Joy Wagner says:

    Hello Quintin; and greetings across the miles/km from Northern Idaho, USA. I enjoyed reading about your project and its completion on the BBC online edition today. Thank you for sharing the delights of your quest through your photos. I just forwarded the story and your website link to our young adult son who enjoys photography and has taken many photos here and abroad on his ramblings as a ‘starving artist’, traveling musician. His name is Daniel Wagner and he plans to develop a website to share his photos with others. He lives in Northern California, USA. Best Wishes/Cheers, Joy Wagner


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