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  4. I am so impressed with this project and your other list of walks you have completed, I have attempted to do some coastal walks, sections of The Thames Way, Cleveland Way, the Cornish Coastal path, the Welsh coastal path, many long distance walks from my home – the Wilberforce Way from Hull to York, the Minster Way from Beverley Minster to York Minster, the Wolds Way, the Chalkland Way, some of the Viking Way, and part of the Dales Way – would love to do more and you are an inspiration. In 2013 I camped out in my little tent for 27 nights on these long distance walks and often stay in YHA hostels.

    • I’m glad my wanderings are an inspiration but it sounds like you have been creating a fine web of memories of your own. Nights in the tent are the most memorable aren’t they – brings one closer to the landscape. Have you seen the wonderful Harvey Maps, Long Distance Path Chart? Good for dreaming and a reminder just how many there are on this Island.

  5. Chris Cooke says:

    Hi, Your map mentions historic British counties, but in Scotland your map seems to have ignored both the historic counties and the current counties in favour of the short-lived 1970s “regions” (e.g. Strathclyde, Lothian). Using the historic counties is a lovely idea. Perhaps you could do it in Scotland too? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shires_of_Scotland

    • Hi Chris, That’s an excellent suggestion to use the shires of Scotland. I choose the historic English & Welsh counties as “chapters” for my walk as they represent geographically distinct and proportional regions without being far too fragmented like modern counties. I wasn’t aware that I had used the 1970’s regions for Scotland believing them to be the historic counties when I created the map so thanks for putting me right, I’ll update the the map accordingly when I get closer to Scotland.

    • As I’m now about to enter Scotland, I’ve updated the map according to your suggestions – It looks much better to me!

  6. Vincent Tickner says:

    Well done, Quentin! I see you have got to Lancashire. I am leaving tomorrow to do the stretch from Exmouth to Dartmouth with friends, but at 69, and with other distractions, including a grandson, I am not going as fast as you. Vincent Tickner

    • Thank you, Do enjoy Exmouth to Dartmouth, a particularly lovely stretch though I hope it cools down for you a bit. In fact you will be a lot faster than me at the moment as I’ve torn a tendon on the top of my right foot and am wearing a cast! I started feeling pain leaving Runcorn and hobbled along for three days till I decided something must be really wrong and I needed help. Feels frustrating to have an enforced rest after two years pushing along on this.

      • Vincent Tickner says:

        Hi Quentin! Sorry to hear about your tendon. I got as far as Saltash in 2017 before Storm Brian hit me and soaked me to the skin. I was wondering if you would be interested in giving a talk, with photos of course, to our Footpaths Conservation Society down in Sussex in March 2018. How can I contact you directly to discuss this, or can you contact me directly, as I have left my email address below in posting this comment? Vincent

      • There were some good soakings last year weren’t there! Fortunately, my tendon has healed well. I’ll email you about the talk now

    • many thanks, i should make a diagram for the days of photo editing too, currently standing at 173 days. Sometimes it can seem more daunting than the walking!

  7. Mark Murdoch says:

    Hi Quintin, I met you when I was sitting in my wheelbarrow taking a break from work on my drive. I really like your photos, and it was good to meet you. Good on you Quintin, Mark Murdoch.

    • Hi Mark, Great to hear from you! Thanks for your kind comments (and the cuppa!). You’ll probably find your portrait here in due course although I’m 45 days behind with the photo editing at the moment so it may be a while! Cheers, Quintin

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  9. Harris says:

    Suddenly thought that there hadn’t been any updates for a while. Glad to find out that things seem to be ok! Hope everything is going well. Talk about making work for yourself….!! 😉

    • yes, when Scotland got difficult I needed to focus on making progress so the photo editing and blogging took a back seat. But I’ll resume the posting here in future

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  11. Vincent Tickner says:

    Hi Quentin!
    Congratulations on getting all the way round. I was in Monmouthshire when COVID hit in March, and was only able to get as far as Merthyr Mawr, near Bridgend in July, and now Wales is in lockdown. I have so far managed only 1415 miles over 112 days, an average of about 12.6 miles a day, but I think it is still not bad for a 73 year old with 2 cancers (both in remission). Onward the struggles. Vincent

    • That’s excellent going! I love hearing all the different ways people tackle this challenge. The fact that we can make our own rules is half the fun. Good luck for the rest, Quintin

  12. Franco T. says:

    What a fantastic set of photos! I am in awe: of the brilliance of the project, of your dedication in completing it, and of the skill of your craft. And not a little jealous, that you could find something that gave you such a unique life experience and perspective. Well done, sir!

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  14. Jens from Germany says:

    Hi Quintin, so fascinated of your project that I am eagerly looking forward to the see photos from the rest of your trip. Are you planning to complete blogging any time soon?

    • Hi Jens, thanks for your interest, I’ll be starting up again in a few days, COVID disruption put everything for a few months. I edited a further 100 days in lockdown and once they are captioned I will post them here.


  16. Celia Hatfield says:

    I have loved the photos you are posting at the moment and look forward to seeing more. I would like to buy a print one day but it is hard to decide and I haven’t seen the photos from the begininning of your travels, in Kent, the area I know best. Can you please let me know how to access these. Many thanks.

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