In keeping with the British love of esoteric rules here are mine for this walk:

  1.  No Islands. I’ll follow the edge of the British mainland only (There are 6,289 islands around Britain)
  2.  Follow the closest footpath to the coast. Where these are closed due to tide, flooding, cliff collapse or a firing range I’ll choose the next closest inland path.
  3. I’ll take bridges over rivers where they have a pedestrian walkway.
  4. No manmade breakwaters or piers unless they provide photographic opportunities.
  5. For a change of perspective and as homage to John Merrill, the first British coast walker, I’ll be following his footsteps to detour inland to the highest summits of England, Wales and Scotland (Scafell Pike, Snowdon, and Ben Nevis).
  6. No vehicles. I’ll walk every step of the way. This means no boats or ferries across rivers and estuaries. This adds significant distance to the route due to lengthy inland detours to the first crossing point especially in Devon & Cornwall.

4 thoughts on “Rules”

  1. Sue Allen says:

    What a fantastic project! Brilliant photos. I envy you, only just read about you in walk magazine so I missed your passage through Cornwall😞

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    • Thank you. At 28 days walking the Cornish coast has been more that a third of the whole coastline so far – certainly doesn’t look that much on the map. Now I’m passing through Somerset I don’t know what to do with myself without 1000 metres of ups and down each day!


  2. Quintin, What a fantastic project. Saw the coverage on tele this morning and shall be following your progress. Good luck

    What Camera are you using for these fantastic shots?

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