Day 147: Liverpool to Southport – Gormley & Formby

England, Merseyside

Museum of Liverpool facade, designed by architects 3XN, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Albert Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Abandoned Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Scrap Steel, Bootle, Merseyside.

Another Place by Antony Gormley, Crosby Beach, Merseyside.

Another Place and Liverpool Port, Merseyside.

Two of the 100 figures which make up Another Place. Crosby Beach, Merseyside.

Another Place cast iron figure looks out towards the Irish Sea, Crosby Beach, Merseyside.

Another Place cast iron figure, Crosby Beach, Merseyside.

All the figures face towards the sea, Another Place, Crosby Beach, Merseyside.

Another Place cast iron figure based on Antony Gormley’s own body, Crosby Beach, Merseyside.

Dunes, Formby Point, Merseyside.

Ainsdale Sands I, Merseyside.

Ainsdale Sands II, Merseyside.

Ainsdale Sands III, Merseyside.

Ainsdale Sands IV, Merseyside.

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11 thoughts on “Day 147: Liverpool to Southport – Gormley & Formby”

    • Thanks, I found it a profound experience – the sense of human presence when there isn’t anyone there is uncanny.

  1. Museum of Liverpool facade my favourite of this set.

    We photographed Another Place on New Year’s Day 2016. Bloody stupid idea as it was so damn cold, much more sensible to photograph when warm.

    Perhaps we will go back and hire a rowing boat and take photos of the Sculptures from the water when the tide is coming in. Usually, you only see them semi-submerged from the back.

    • It’s a beautiful beautiful building by Danish Architects 3XN. That sounds a good idea for different view of Another place – would be a unique perspective. I found it very hard to convey how many figures there are in a single frame – guess you need to get aerial to show that.

  2. Roy Haskett says:

    When do you plan to cover the Fylde Coast? I live at Cleveleys, perhaps we could meet up?
    Roy H

    • Thanks Roy, sounds a good plan. I’m grounded at the moment: torn foot tendon. Doc says I’ll be back to the trail in a month. So if all goes will in August

      • Roy Haskett says:

        Great but make it after 17th. We can walk with you a while and explain some of the local history. Try to fix.
        Roy H

  3. Roy Haskett says:

    Spotted your post re Ex IOM Steam Packet Manxman in dry dock and been following with interest since. My wife Sheila is a Manx lass
    Bred and born
    .Roy H

    • Thanks for following the journey, that ship’s a beauty for sure. Wonder if it’s still there, that was a few years ago?

  4. Brings back great memories of growing up on Merseyside. I was born at home in Formby in 1963, at 4 years old my birthday present was a dog and for the next 7 years that we lived there we went to Formby Beach or Ainsdale every Sunday! There was a red squirrel preserve there and you could take peanuts (we called them monkey nuts back then) and feed them at the fence line of their forest. Good times, simpler times. On the way home we’d get a thruppenny bit pocket money to spend in the sweet shop.

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