Day 150: Tarleton to Preston – Sleeper & Shelter

England, Lancashire

Diaspora, Haunders Lane, Much Hoole, Lancashire.

Corn Chamomile & Wheat, Hutton Marsh, Lancashire.

Corn Chamomile & Wheat, Hutton Marsh, Lancashire.

River Ribble, Lancashire.

Resm & Rats, River Ribble, Lancashire.

Mouth of the River Ribble, Lancashire.

Shelter by the River Ribble, Lancashire.

Railway sleeper kissing gate, Preston, Lancashire.

Pylon foot, Preston, Lancashire.

Jump, Preston, Lancashire.

River Ribble, Preston Dock, Lancashire.

I came across this charming shelter at just the moment I needed a rest and to get out of the wind.

200 gram summer season stove: a Trail Designs Sidewinder Ti-Tri made from titanium and aluminium foil. Weight includes mug and 5 days solid fuel.

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2 thoughts on “Day 150: Tarleton to Preston – Sleeper & Shelter”

  1. Great photos, I like the pylon feet. It hardly matters but just fyi your ‘daisies’ are probably Corn Chamomile Anthemis arvensis (but could be Stinking Chamomile or Scentless Mayweed, depending on smell 😉 ) Never tried solid fuel stoves, now may have to having seen yours. Thanks for taking the trouble to post these quietly thought-provoking images.

    • You’re right, I think it is Corn Chamomile as the petals have their distinctive shape, I’ve updated the caption. Glad you like the pylon feet, my favourite from that day but I like pylons! Solid fuel has a few disadvantages, messy, slower (8 mins to boil) and can be hard to light but it is the lightest way for a small setup like this.

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