Day 152: Lytham to Blackpool – 4,000 Km!

England, Lancashire

Across the Ribble Estuary, Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire.

Wales from Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire.

Salter’s Bank, St Anne’s, Lancashire.

Heavy sky, St Anne’s, Lancashire.

Tracks, St Anne’s, Lancashire.

Dunes. St Anne’s, Lancashire.

4,000 Km walked since London, Crusader bank, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Seascape I, Crusader bank, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Approaching Blackpool from the dunes, Lancashire.

Breakwater, South Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Seascape II, Crusader bank, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Mirror Ball, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Big One roller coaster, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Blackpool Tower and Central Pier, Lancashire.

Plummet, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Ready for anything, Blackpool Promenade, Lancashire.

Blackpool South Shore, Lancashire.

Blackpool shore, Lancashire.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Comedy Carpet, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Golden Mile, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Blackpool Tower, built 1894. Architect: Maxwell and Tuke. Engineer: Heenan & Froude. Blackpool, Lancashire.

Phone boxes outside the Post Office in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Two terraces to six flats, Blackpool, Lancashire.

Blackpool Tower at dusk, Lancashire.

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12 thoughts on “Day 152: Lytham to Blackpool – 4,000 Km!”

  1. A really good set of images. My tuppence worth.

    Heavy sky, – Great Contrast – well spotted

    Mirror Ball – I went to see the Illuminations for the first time last year. One of the shots I took was of the reflections from the ball on the ground.

    Ready for anything – Great Street Photography

    Two terraces to six flats – Well spotted

    Blackpool Tower at dusk. – Hope your boots are heavily waterproofed. How’s the leg holding up?

    • Thanks I love these heavy skies before a rain storm. I stayed in Blackpool for a week and somehow managed to miss the light displays!
      I wear mesh shoes – water enters and dries out quickly
      Leg holding up well thanks 🙂

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