Day 155: Knott End-on-Sea to Lancaster – Four Poster Bath

England, Lancashire

Four poster bath, with snack tray and estuary views, Cockerham Marsh, Lancashire.

Lune Estuary I, Lancashire.

Cockersand Abbey, Lancashire.

Lune Estuary II, Lancashire.

Heysham Nuclear Power Station in the back garden, Lancashire.

River Lune towards Lancaster.

Across the River Lune, Lancaster.

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2 thoughts on “Day 155: Knott End-on-Sea to Lancaster – Four Poster Bath”

  1. Beautiful. I am travelling more lightly down the US west coast but I envy you your travels. Much joy in them!

    • Thank you, you’ll have to come over here when you’ve finished! I’ve always liked the look of the Pacific Crest Trail and I’d like to experience US trail culture

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