Day 166: Wastwater to Seascale – Lakes & Screes

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Cumbria, England

Yewbarrow, Kirk Fell and the slopes of Scafell Pike, Wasdale, Cumbria.

The Screes, Wast Water, Cumbria.

Wasdale Head and Wast Water, Cumbria.

Red bucket, Wasdale, Cumbria.

River Esk Estuary, Ravenglass, Cumbria.

Repurposed crop sprayer, Saltcoats, Cumbria.

The Drigg Holme packhorse bridge crossing the River Irt, Cumbria.

A few nibbled holes in the food cache bag I’d left in a wood outside Ravenglass the day before (not wanting to carry this 40km up Scafell Pike and down again) but all the contents were OK!

In Wasdale I bumped into local photographer Chris Himsworth who snapped me after an enjoyable chat about the fells, cameras and photo competitions.

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