Day 170: Mile Fortlet 21 to Silloth – Saltpan & Seaweed

Cumbria, England

Elizabethan Saltpan of Crosscanonby, Cumbria.

Allonby Bay, Cumbria.

Scotland viewed across the Solway Firth from Allonby Bay, Cumbria.

Seaweed, Allonby Bay, Cumbria.

Robin Rigg Wind Farm in the Solway Firth from Allonby Bay, Cumbria.

Silloth breakwater in rain, Cumbria,

The rain has been relentless for a few days, so there is no time for niceties in selecting places to get out of the wind and rain when they present themselves. With my hood up sheltering under a bush dog walkers in the pretty rose garden in Silloth give me a wide berth as I boil water for my lunch.

Silloth Bay, Cumbria,

East Cote Lighthouse, Silloth, Cumbria.

Breakwater, Skinburnessbank, Cumbria.

Solway Firth in the rain, Grune Point, Cumbria.

Grune Point I, Cumbria.

On Grune head, the small pebbles are mounded by the waves delineated neatly against the sand. In places the pattern is so playful and systematic it takes a moment to realise the arrangement is the tide and not human.

Grune Point II, Cumbria.

Anthorn Radio Station from Grune Point, Cumbria.


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2 thoughts on “Day 170: Mile Fortlet 21 to Silloth – Saltpan & Seaweed”

  1. Beautiful pictures as usual! The second one is so lovely! The glassy and wavy surfaces of the water blend perfectly with the sky and clouds.

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