Day 173: Carlisle to Gretna Green – Into Scotland!

Cumbria, England

Skein I, River Eden, Cumbria.

River Eden in spate, Cumbria.

Skein II, River Eden, Cumbria.

Pylon by the River Eden, Cumbria.

Skein III, River Eden, Cumbria.

M6 near the Scottish border at Gretna Green, Cumbria.

After 173 days walking & 173 days photo editing, I’ve reached Scotland after tracing the coast from London.

Ironically the last stretch of road across the border has no pedestrian access, so I approach Scotland awkwardly squeezed behind the crash barrier on the hard shoulder as trucks hurtle past. But there it is! Looking like the most beautiful thing in the world, the ‘Scotland Welcomes you’ sign at Gretna Green! After the preposterous selfie ritual, I sit on the embankment happy and weary reflecting on the 173 days walking and 173 days photo editing it has taken to reach this point.

Relishing the moment!

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British Architectural & Landscape Photographer.

15 thoughts on “Day 173: Carlisle to Gretna Green – Into Scotland!”

    • Isn’t it just! At least I now have a quick answer when people ask me what the worst stretch of the journey was! I didn’t see that sign – very sobering indeed. I’ll be back to it at the start of January. Happy Christmas!


      • I hope you’ll be truly rugged up for this next stage, especially feet and legs! And eat more energy/warmth-making foods. I’m sure you’ve got the camera covered. 🙋


  1. Quinton, I see the feet are still in good order and that the weather was reasonable at tbe end! Thanks for taking me along. Enjoy a tasty Christmas eggnog to warm the cockles and revive you for the next leg. Cheeri-pip! 😎🌟🎈🖼🎄💝

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    • Yes, it was a small blessing not to be rained on for the border crossing! The peaty stains on my feet are not washing off easily! I’m now fully embracing the Christmas break!

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  2. Congratulations on reaching the border! I am enjoying this journey so much and really looking forward to the Scottish coastline in the new year. Well done on gritting your teeth and slogging through the mud and rain of the last few days. What determination! Enjoy your well-deserved festive break. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hailing from Canada says:

    We have so enjoyed your wonderful blog these last months – thank you for sharing! Time to put those worn feet up and relax over Christmas.
    And then – a January start for hiking around coastal Scotland??? Brave man! Looking forward to the posts in 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

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