Day 236: Ardfern to Bagh Ban – Craignish Point

Argyllshire - South, Scotland

Hearth in a croft I, Kirkton, Argyll, Scotland.

Hearth in a croft II, Kirkton, Argyll, Scotland.

Hearth in a croft III, Kirkton, Argyll, Scotland.

Fronds on a croft, Kirkton, Argyll, Scotland.

Craignish point, Argyll, Scotland.

Craignish Cist (ancient stone coffin box), Argyll, Scotland.

The Sound of Jura I, Argyll, Scotland.

The old Jura ferry pier, Craignish point, Argyll, Scotland.

The Sound of Jura II, Argyll, Scotland.

Bridge to a small island from Craignish castle, Argyll, Scotland.

Creagach Crosgach, Bagh Ban, Argyll, Scotland.

Date of walk: 17/08/18

Getting schooled during a rest stop.

More challenging terrain trying to follow the coast today and all the obstacles are less than 10 metres in height so they don’t show on the maps.

Camp, Bagh Ban, Argyll, Scotland.

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10 thoughts on “Day 236: Ardfern to Bagh Ban – Craignish Point”

    • The grounds of a lot of the once grand castles seem to have a similar fate today unless they are wisely and tightly managed

  1. I’m reading A History of Ancient Britain
    By Neil Oliver.

    He’s biased in favour of Scotland, not surprisingly, and one occasionally wonders who his proofreader was, but even so it is very. very readable.

  2. I once did a Landscape & Visual Impact Assesment for the restoration of those croft houses at Kirkton. Such lovely spot. The architect had produced a really sympathetic (and interesting) design as well but I don’t think it got through planning. A really shame because they’ll be too derelict soon.

  3. Just discovered the blog yesterday and enjoying it immensely. As a native it’s always interesting to see someone else’s take on the ‘mundane’ photographic aspects of the landscape which we take for granted 😉
    Btw a croft is a parcel of land and not the house sitting on it.

      • Just a house really 😉
        Or ‘tigh’ in Gaelic. ‘Tigh Dubh’ for a Black House or ‘Tobhta’ for a ruin 👨‍🎓

      • ha! I’ve passed a few houses named “Tigh Dubh” but not as many as “Tigh na Mara” which seems to be the default house name on the west coast!

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