Day 241: Oban to Benderloch – Connel Bridge

Argyllshire - South, Scotland

Rainbow’s end above Oban, Argyll, Scotland.

Oban Quay, Argyll, Scotland.

Lismore ferry, Oban, Argyll, Scotland.

Rainbow over Oban cathedral, Argyll, Scotland.

Dunstaffnage Castle, Argyll, Scotland.

Cats, Dogs, Ducks. Connel, Argyll, Scotland.

Connel Bridge, Argyll, Scotland.

Under Connel Bridge, Argyll, Scotland.

Loch Etive and the Falls of Lora.

Date of walk: 5/11/2018

Street crime is rife in Oban.


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British Architectural & Landscape Photographer.

11 thoughts on “Day 241: Oban to Benderloch – Connel Bridge”

  1. Sylvia says:

    Great you´re back on the move!
    Scotland in autumn is among the best places for backpacking! I love the light ob orange and yellow glowing in a spot of sunlight with black clouds in the background. (But also sunshine 😉 )
    Take care!


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