Day 248: Camusnagaul to Corran Ferry – Tones of Winter

Argyllshire – North, Scotland

Winter constellation, Loch Linnhe, Highland, Scotland.

Loch Linnhe abstract I, Highland, Scotland.

Rain clouds over Loch Linnhe from Corran, Highland, Scotland.

Passing place, near Corran, Highland, Scotland.

Loch Linnhe texture II, Highland, Scotland.

Winter branches by Loch Linnhe, Highland, Scotland.

Soaring above Ardgour, Highland, Scotland.

Ferry at dusk, Corran, Highland, Scotland.

Last light Loch Linnhe from Corran, Highland, Scotland.

Date of walk: 08/12/18

Packed for backpacking around the mostly pathless Morvern Peninsula hoping to keep as close the coast as I can.

I normally navigate with digital maps but parts of this stage are remote enough that I need a paper backup.

First time I’m carrying over 20KG on this trip, twice what I needed for the south coast in summer, though I am carrying christmas lights for the tent!

A very dreich day, it was so gloomy I needed 4,000 ISO to take any pictures handheld for most of the day.

This is weird, I’m staying in a room without a view of a wheelie bin or an air conditioning unit, there must be some mistake.

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British Architectural & Landscape Photographer.

4 thoughts on “Day 248: Camusnagaul to Corran Ferry – Tones of Winter”

  1. John Howell says:

    Scrolled right to the bottom of the page for once, and see that you are 2/3rds the way round (67% it says). Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! It’s a good feeling. As I write this I’m about to head into Knoydart which I expect will be the toughest part of the whole journey.


  2. Peter Slessenger says:

    I saw an item on the BBC News web site about you. Lovely photos. Congratulations on finishing the walk.
    Nice view from your hotel bedroom in the last photo. I do wish when I started travelling ‘on business’ I had taken a photo out of each hotel room window I had. I would have a collection of car parks, air conditioning units, street junctions, several bus stations, wheelie bins and other similarly beautiful views. (On one occasion no actual window at all.) You make me want to travel again.

    Liked by 1 person

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