10 thoughts on “Interview in Outdoor Enthusiast Magazine”

      • Your comment intrigues me. I naively thought that the photographer’s skill is first and foremost knowing where to stand and point the camera. But now that you mention it, of course, you must edit. Would love to know how much of what we see is what you saw, and how much of it is edited. It speaks to the whole idea of art in representing something/someone to an audience that will experience it vicariously, through the artist/photographer.

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      • Both are important like the difference between writing and performing music. I try and create an image that conveys what I felt – I don’t believe an objective optical reality in photography exists as photographs, unlike reality have a frame. Sometimes the photographs convey nothing of what I saw even if the moment was memorable, dramatic or physically difficult to get to and are then rejected in the editing cull. It’s this dispassionate separation of an effective image from a memorable moment that’s central to a photographers work.

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  1. petejohnstone says:

    A good article – I love the photo mosaic of square pics – can I ask how you do it?

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  2. Richie says:

    Fantastic article! Congrats! Looking forward to your next posts. Springtime should be a relief!

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  3. Stephen Kelleher says:

    I heard your interview on Radio Tees as I drove south to work along the A19, and was amazed by the sunrise coming up over the Cleveland Hills. I am interested to hear what you thought of the coast from the Tees through Redcar onto Whitby, along the Cleveland Way, and looking forward to seeing your photographs. Keep on walking an amazing challenge and feat. Good luck and enjoy this beautiful island

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