Day 266: Roshven to Peanmeanach – Into Ardnish

Inverness-shire - North, Scotland

Loch Ailort at dawn, Roshven, Lochaber, Scotland.

Loch Ailort I, Lochaber, Scotland.

Flight I (Grey Heron), Loch Ailort, Lochaber, Scotland.

Loch Ailort II, Lochaber, Scotland.

Flight II (Grey Heron), Loch Ailort, Lochaber, Scotland.

Loch Ailort III, Lochaber, Scotland.

Flight III, Loch Ailort, Lochaber, Scotland.

Loch Ailort IV, Lochaber, Scotland.

Our Lady Of The Braes Church, Polnish, Loch Ailort, Lochaber, Scotland.

Loch Ailort V Lochaber, Scotland.

Fishing equipment, Loch Ailort, Lochaber, Scotland.

Inverailort House, Once a base of the WWII Special Operations Executive and commando training, Loch Ailort, Lochaber, Scotland.

Crofts at Polnish I, Ardnish Peninsula, Scotland.

Cruach an Aonaich, Ardnish Peninsula, Scotland.

Crofts at Polnish II, Ardnish Peninsula, Scotland.

Loch Doire a’ Ghearrain, Ardnish Peninsula, Scotland.

Rockform, Ardnish Peninsula, Scotland.

Laggan, Ardnish Peninsula, Scotland.

Date of walk: 9/1/19

Looks like the haggis and nessie have reproduced.

Old lazy beds (a traditional method of arable cultivation) on the Ardnish Peninsula

Bit low on food so it’s porridge for lunch




I’d heard there’s no dead wood near Peanmeanach bothy so I collected this lot on the way.

Drying out at Peanmeanach bothy

Keeping in touch with home via Iridium

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14 thoughts on “Day 266: Roshven to Peanmeanach – Into Ardnish”

  1. Just stunning photography once again – would love one of those mirror images in a big frame on my wall – how do they look printed?

    • Seems I’m not keeping up with comments very well! The prints look gorgeous from the 51-megapixel sensor 🙂

  2. This is awesome – again. I love your blog and the fact that you share these fantastic views with us:)

    • Thanks, I was really happy about that. No, I haven’t stopped but I’m concentrating on walking for a few months and then I will resume the photo editing and posting here

  3. Simon says:

    This is absolutely brilliant. The photos are stunning, but it’s your effort and resilience as much as anything that astounds me.

    As per the above post, is Day 266 the last one on the log currently? There’s no “Next” after the BBC Points West page (2 on from this page) and I can’t for the life of me find any more recent updates and I can see from the route map you’re well into Lincolnshire now.

    • Hi Simon, I’m catching up with editing now so posts will slowly resume. I’ve walked 413 days and have 162 backlog of photos to edit. Over the last year, I decided to put all my energy into walking rather than editing as I felt my progress was too slow during the difficult part in north-west Scotland. I reached north Norfolk before covid9 lockdown. When I can get back out it will be a few more months to the finish line.

  4. Alexandra Gibbons says:

    Quintin amazing photos – I have just been up to Ardnamurchan and it is a photogenic Beauty! Would love to know what camera you use?

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