3 thoughts on “The Perimeter featured on BBC Points West”

  1. jonathan mussen says:

    Stunning, stunning, stunning.
    Congratulations for completing such a testing project.
    I love walking, rocks ( I’m an ex geologist ), coastlines and taking ( occ nice ) photos but… yours are a master class of subject as well as composition.
    Hopefully. when I ( eventuality ) move into my own flat I will treat myself to a couple of your photos – I need to study this website more. I’m hoping that maybe there is a full documentary about your days out there?
    Wild camping can be challenging at the best of times so I think you should be seriously proud of your achievement.
    Very best regardsN

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  2. David Emyr Dudley says:

    Hi Quintin
    Nice to talk to you this morning just looked at some of your photos excellent hope you enjoyed your walk hope to meet again on our travels.
    David Emyr Dudley


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