Day 288: Torridon to Craig Bothy – Corrie House

Ross-shire - West, Scotland

Date of walk: 13/4/19

Sgurr na Bana-Mhoraire and the Torridon Hotel, Scotland.

The path from Torridon is glacier-smoothed red limestone, which often, and pleasingly, follows slabs of rock like a pavement. Leaving the mountains and wind behind, I enter the shelter of Craig Bothy, which I share with two Belgian students, a family from Inverness and a Glaswegian man with his young son. Convivial conversation flows in many accents as we all cook by candlelight on our camp stoves while occasionally feeding a branch into the hearth.

Lochan near Torridon House, Scotland.

The Torridon Hotel, Scotland.

Corrie House I. Designed around a former church near Torridon by Rural Design Architects. An exemplary piece of architecture that manages to respect both the landscape and local vernacular whilst adding something subtle and contemporary. Torridon, Scotland.

Corrie House II, Torridon, Scotland.

Corrie House III, Torridon, Scotland.

Corrie House IV, Torridon, Scotland.

Corrie House V, Torridon, Scotland.

Corrie House VI, Torridon, Scotland.

Upper Loch Torridon, Scotland.

Search & Rescue over Loch Torridon, Scotland.

Sgorr a’ Chadail, Liathach, Torridon, Scotland,

Shimmer, Upper Loch Torridon, Scotland.

Alligin Shuas and the Torridon Hills, Scotland.

Ruined croft by Upper Loch Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland.

Outlier, Diabaig, Wester Ross, Scotland.

Looking back to the Torridon Hills, Wester Ross, Scotland,

Ice smoothed bedrock above Loch Diabaig, Wester Ross, Scotland.

Loch Diabaig, Wester Ross, Scotland.

Not the first time a building under construction looks more interesting than the result. Diabaig, Scotland.

The Storr and Hartaval on Skye in the distance with Rona and the Applecross Peninsula in the foreground, Scotland.

Craig Bothy by Loch Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland.


Sleeping setup in Craig Bothy.

Path to Diabaig.

Path near Torridon House.
Upper Loch Torridon.
From the coast path by Loch Diabaig.
The coast path by Loch Diabaig.
Above Loch Diabaig.
Loch Diabaig.
The steep path to Lower Diabaig.
Loch Diabaig from Lower Diabaig.
The sandstone path to Craig Bothy.

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2 thoughts on “Day 288: Torridon to Craig Bothy – Corrie House”

  1. Looks like a much better day in terms of weather. This was a lovely walk. The Torridon Hotel was closed when I went past (I think due to Covid however). I remember going past that church and the path along the coast to Sgeir Ghlas was pretty hard going.

    I had a look in Craig Bothy and sheltered there from a shower. It looks quite luxurious by the standards of bothy but then it used to be a youth hostel until about 10 years ago so that probably helps.

    • This was an idyllic day in every way. The bothy is great as you say, I’ll share more pictures of the interior in the next post. Yes i remember that bit of path being slow going – there’s always a good reason most bothy’s don’t get overrun!

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