Day 356: Dundee to St Andrews – V&A, Jute & Discovery

Fife, Scotland

Date of walk: 19/10/19

V&A Dundee with the Tay Bridge, Scotland.

The form of Kengo Kuma‘s V&A Dundee is inspired by the strata of the cliffs on the west coast of Scotland and the prow of ships from Dundee’s boat-building past.

Morning light illuminates the Tay Bridge, Dundee, Scotland. The truncated piers are from the original rail bridge which collapsed in 1879 causing 75 deaths.

The prow of the V&A Dundee with the Tay Bridge, Scotland.

Facade detail I, V&A Dundee, Scotland.

Rigging of Discovery I, Dundee, Scotland.

Facade detail II, V&A Dundee, Scotland.

Rigging of Discovery II, Dundee, Scotland.

Facade detail III, V&A Dundee, Scotland.

Royal Research Ship Discovery, the ship that took Scott and Shackleton to Antarctica in 1901 and the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in the United Kingdom. Dundee (where she was built), Scotland.

V&A Dundee and the RRS Discovery I, Scotland.

Underneath the V&A Dundee I, Scotland.

V&A Dundee and the RRS Discovery II, Scotland.

Red & blue at the V&A Dundee, Scotland.

V&A Dundee and the RRS Discovery III, Scotland.

Window in the V&A Dundee, Scotland.

V&A Dundee and the RRS Discovery IV, Scotland.

V&A Dundee and the RRS Discovery V, Scotland.

Entrance to the V&A Dundee, Scotland.

Underneath the V&A Dundee II, Scotland.

The luminous space inside the High Mill, Verdant Works, a former jute mill in Dundee, Scotland.

Under the Tay Road Bridge, Dundee, Scotland.

Looking back to Dundee during a bracing walk over the Tay Road bridge this morning. I’m now in Fife and hope to get near St Andrews tonight via Tentsmuir Forest.

Maersk Gallant jack-up rig in the Port of Dundee I, Scotland.

Tayport High Lighthouse, Fife, Scotland.

Maersk Gallant jack-up rig in the Port of Dundee II, Scotland.

Broughty Castle, built 1495, from Tayport, Fife, Scotland.

Ensco 122 jack-up rig in the Port of Dundee, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Forest from Tayport, Fife, Scotland.

Tayport Pile Lighthouse, Fife, Scotland.

Broughty Ferry and Pile Lighthouse from Tayport, Fife, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Forest I, Fife, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Forest II, Fife, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Forest III, Fife, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Sands IV, Fife, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Forest V, Fife, Scotland.

Flock of dunlin & sanderlings, Tentsmuir Sands, Fife, Scotland.

Tentsmuir Sands II, Fife, Scotland.

Runway lights at Leuchars Airfield, Fife, Scotland.

Salvage operations in the Firth of Tay after the rail bridge collapse led to 75 deaths in 1879. Photo: National Library of Scotland.

Medical Comforts carried on-board the Antarctic research ship Discovery.

Keeping discipline in class at Verdant Works.

Tough history at Verdant Works.

Next time my 20Kg backpack starts to feel heavy I’ll think of this bloke hefting 180Kg bales of Jute on the docks of Dundee in the 1970s.

Whoa, check out the bed sheet! Gave me a shock when I lifted the duvet.

Big city pleasures at the Tatha Bar & Kitchen in the V&A Dundee.

Yes Tayport Indy Wagon.

An elegant milestone to tonight’s destination.

The tradesman’s entrance to St Andrews golf course.

I guess if I were a golfer this would feel like hallowed ground, even if it’s night-time.

A bit different to lunchtime! Waiting for dinner to rehydrate. It’s been a long cold day but a good one.

Camp at St Andrews, Scotland.

V&A Dundee by the Tay.
V&A Dundee with the Discovery.
Leaving Dundee via the Road Bridge.
The winning combo of pines & dunes in Tentsmuir Forest.
Runway lights in the dunes at Leuchars.

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2 thoughts on “Day 356: Dundee to St Andrews – V&A, Jute & Discovery”

  1. kevan hubbard says:

    The Ellie Chain Walk awaiting? Suppose to be the only one in Scotland,or Britain/UK as Sir Boris Johnstone and the Queen would have it but the owner of the Independence car wouldn’t! There’s a Independence house in Aviemore just south of the station that flew Scottish and Catalan flags and I’d guess that they have added Ukrainian ones now?I have walked across the St Andrews golf course at night and if I recall,but it was about 15 years ago, very light polluted due to floodlit golf teeing off ranges there obviously not being enough daylight hours to engage in golf so trespassing wasn’t so easy.It was on that golf course I ate a curry with my credit card having forgotten to bring a spoon or ask the restaurant for one!I had come up on the night sleeper to Kirkaldy walked to Ellie bus to St Andrews walked to Leuchars and sleeping train south to London as I lived/worked in Oxford at the time.

    • The tide was wrong for the chain walk and it was also a bit stormy for my liking when I passed! I must remember the credit card trick! No floodlit driving ranges when I was there though it was very late at night when i arrived.

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