Day 129: Barmouth to Harlech – Iron & Boulder

Gwynedd, Wales

Barmouth Bridge, opened in 1867 it is one of the longest timber viaducts still in regular use in Britain, Gwynedd.

Barmouth Bridge swing bridge section (no longer operates), Gwynedd.

Cast iron milepost, Tal-y-bont, Gwynedd.

Vintage chaff-cutter, for chopping up hay and oat-straw for feeding to animals. Tal-y-bont, Gwynedd.

Boulder, Plas Bennar, Gwynedd.

Dyffryn Beach, Gwynedd.

Flock of Sanderlings, Dyffryn Beach, Gwynedd.

Tidal causeway from Shell Island, Gwynedd.

Lych gate, St Tanwg’s church, Llandanwg, Gwynedd.

Gravestones in the dunes, St Tanwg’s church, Llandanwg, Gwynedd.

St Tanwg’s church, founded 12th century, Llandanwg, Gwynedd.

Gravestone engulfed by sand dunes, St Tanwg’s church, Llandanwg, Gwynedd.

Harlech Beach in rain, Gwynedd.

Harlech Castle in rain, Gwynedd.

Brew with dad near Tal-y-bont

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20 thoughts on “Day 129: Barmouth to Harlech – Iron & Boulder”

  1. Interesting post and shots – I was over that way myself last August but in much better weather than you had! 🙂

  2. Good Contrast between the rust on the bridge and the houses in the distance. Like how you have kept the houses with some focus to give the picture a better feel that shooting with a wider aperture.

    Boulder – Well Spotted

    For some reason I thought were a Nikon man?!?!?

    • Thanks, sometimes I wish it were possible to get fore and background in focus on tele shots without focus stacking. Boulder is extraordinary isn’t it! Always been a Canon user as when I was building a system there were no decent tilt shift lenses available for Nikon…. and now after 20 years any other colour balance feels wrong!

      • I’m a Canon guy simply because in 2010, when I bought my first DSLR, the choice between the two manufacturers for their equivalent cameras for my budget came down to the fact that the Canon sat better in my big hands.

      • Quintin Lake says:

        That’s as good a reason as any!


  3. Gloria Brown says:

    We are very familiar with this stretch of coast,as we had a caravan at Talybont for 39 years and now hire a cottage in Barmouth itself,we sat and watched the mist roll over the bridge one evening,made some beautiful pictures.Have really enjoyed viewing these,thank you for many super memories,oh and we have been visiting the church in the sand dunes for well over forty years.

    • these are all such special places – I imagine the character of that church changes a lot with the seasons

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