10,000 Kilometers: Quintin Lake on Walking and Photographing Britain’s Coastline


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Two Aprils ago, with a camera in hand and pack on his back, Quintin Lake set off from St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The journey? To walk 10,000 kilometers around the coast of Britain. Tackling the route in sections, he walks for up to two weeks on each leg, averaging 20 to 40 kilometers a day. In between walks, he returns to his home in Cheltenham — to his family and work as an architectural photographer — and uses these breaks to recharge, research the next stretch, and blog his journey on The Perimeter.

We caught Quintin just before he embarked on a 15-day adventure around the edge of Snowdonia, North Wales. Here’s a glimpse into his epic walk along the sea.

This project must be a great exercise, physically and creatively. How is your photographic process evolving? Is it changing the way you see things?

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