Day 201: Largs to Gourock – Bute & Arran

Ayrshire, Scotland

The Isles of Great Cumbrae, Bute and Arran from Blackhouse Moor, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Sailing School, Firth of Clyde, Largs, Scotland.

The Isles of Great Cumbrae, Bute and Arran from Knock Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Skelmorlie nuclear bunker operated by the Royal Observer Corps from 1965-1991. The white drum would record the position of a nuclear blast on light-sensitive paper through a pinhole allowing its location to be triangulated. Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Isles of Great Cumbrae, Bute and Arran from near Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland.

MPI Adventure, a wind turbine installation vessel passes the peaks of Arran on route to Greenock from Robin Rigg Wind Farm. Viewed from Blackhouse Moor, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Seascape, Firth of Clyde, Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Sailing school with Bute and Arran, from Skelmorlie, Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Isle of Arran from Inverkip Bay, Inverclyde, Scotland.

Dunoon across the Clyde from Inverkip Bay, Inverclyde, Scotland.

Last light, West Bay, Gourock, Inverclyde, Scotland.

Haven’t seen this colour for a while!

That didn’t last long!

It’s an unconventional direction marker but I’m in no doubt as to which way to head.

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19 thoughts on “Day 201: Largs to Gourock – Bute & Arran”

  1. Bob Marshall says:

    Simply wonderful views of the mountains across the water. Thank you so much Quintin. Looking forward to seeing my birth place soon – Helensburgh!

    • I was so thrilled to have a vista at last after so many days of rain – and such a beautiful one too!

  2. Wow – those photographs! And, yes, helped by the weather – but still… Having been on a fact-finding visit just south of Largs (did you try the ice-cream parlour?), I need to catch up a bit on your recent reports!

    • I was there at the wrong time of day for that, I had a delicious breakfast at Gypsy Cream – recommended!

  3. petejohnstone says:

    Lovey pics of the hills and of the cyclist. When are you going to get along the remoter coast of Ardnamurchan? Dont forget to buy a midge hat and gloves.

    • Cyclist – ah I can see that now! It will be autumn by the time I reach Ardnamurchan. yes, I’ve stocked up on midge repellants and nets!

    • I had no idea it was so extraordinary until you pointed it out and I googled it. It never occurred to me to go inside.

      • Sue Carmichael says:

        So frustrating that you missed that! Think I may have suggested it when we met at Portencross! Also hard to believe you’ve passed through Ayrshire and there’s no sign of Calmac ferries! At least you had a chance to see our stunning views for part of your journey.

      • I loved the Calmac ferries and wrote about them in my diary, they are such a part of the landscape here. As a photographic subject, they didn’t lend themselves to a distinctive image with the weather and light I had when I passed by especially when the mountain vistas were so captivating.

  4. Richard Greenwood says:

    The snowy viewsto Arran are more than adequate compensation, quite wonderful

    • Thanks, I felt so – there’s only a finite amount of creative energy one can give out in a single day when walking all day and I direct it towards what interests me the most.

  5. Quite stunning images….of my home land! Will you pass through Glasgow or skirt round? Enjoying seeing the day by day route and your take on countryside that has become second nature to me.

    • Thanks very much! I’ll pass through and spend a bit of time in Glasgow, I’m interested to see both sides of the Clyde and I’m hungry for a dose of culture in the City – there will be plenty of solitude coming up!

  6. Joseph Proskauer says:

    Sailing with the wind:
    Might we learn to build — in harmony, rhythm, and counterpoint — WITH nature (and soul) as our ancestors did (Wemyss Bay?), enhancing rather than ignoring or despoiling these?
    Both turbines and ships are heading the other way . . .

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