Day 221: Lochgilphead to Tarbert – Net & Canal

Argyllshire - South, Scotland

Oakfield Swing bridge crossing the Crinan Canal, Lochgilphead, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Fish farm, Loch Fyne, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Tarbert Harbour, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Nets, Tarbert, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Lobster Pots I, Tarbert, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Floats, Tarbert, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Lobster Pots II, Tarbert, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Pink n Purple, Tarbert, Argyll & Bute, Scotland.

Date of walk: 10/7/2018

Cos we have peacocks.

When I told my wife about the Crinan Canal, which cuts right across the Kintyre Peninusla, she suggested I follow it as a short cut. I’m not sure she fully appreciates the inherent futility of my journey 😀

B&B owner: Have you ever seen so many puppets?
Me: No.

Garden infestation.

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9 thoughts on “Day 221: Lochgilphead to Tarbert – Net & Canal”

  1. Harris says:

    Thanks for the laughs and lovely pics! Liked the nets in particular.

    • Great, they saved the day photographically as there was a lot of busy road walking in forest this day so not many photos opportunities.

  2. Pete Johnstone says:

    Looks like the walk is getting a little weird! Walking can get to you know!

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