Day 272: Sourlies Bothy to Inverie – Into Knoydart!

Inverness-shire - North, Scotland

Date of walk: 6/3/19

Steve, Sourlies Bothy, Knoydart, Scotland.

Candle, Sourlies Bothy, Knoydart, Scotland.

Target II, Camusrory, Knoydart, Scotland.

Steve & Alan, Cape Wrath trail hikers, Sourlies Bothy, Scotland.

Target I, Camusrory, Knoydart, Scotland.

Buoy, Knoydart, Scotland.

Hearth, Sourlies Bothy, Knoydart, Scotland.

Gate to nowhere, Knoydart, Scotland.

Deer track, Knoydart, Scotland.

Steve & Alan outside Sourlies Bothy, Scotland.

Zigzag track to the WW2 Mica mine from Braomisaig. Mica was in was in great demand for radio parts, Knoydart, Scotland.


North Morar from Knoydart, Scotland.


Breakfast in Sourlies Bothy. Photo: Steve Dosman.

Smile, It’s raining…again! Photo: Steve Dosman.

Inimitable Scottish Humour. [this bridge over the River Carnach into Knoydart was rebuilt in August 2019]

That was cold! Fording the river Carnach into Knoydart as the bridge had washed away. Photo: Steve Dosman.

A few hints that people walked these shores in the past.

Packing up to head out from Sourlies Bothy
The rare pleasure of walking in company
Slow, slippy progress into Knoydart
Navigating the maze of deer fences
Slow progress means it’s very late when I cross the burn between Loch Lagain Loisgte and Loch Bhraomisaig high above Inverie.
Bog hopping at night isn’t something I’m keen to repeat.

And there it isat last ! The road to Inverie….and a bed!


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6 thoughts on “Day 272: Sourlies Bothy to Inverie – Into Knoydart!”

  1. kevan hubbard says:

    Some kind of high powered rifle has been used on those steel targets you can tell by the very neat circular holes although it was too thick for it to go right through.I always remember shooting a steel plate in South Africa with a .357 magnum revolver and it lifted the plate in the air but hardly put a dent in it but a little .22 Hornet rifle just burnt a hole through the same steel.

      • Kevan Hubbard says:

        Any rifle over 2000 feet per second will burn those style of holes in thick metal even .17,.222,.223,etc..Hand guns tend to splatter and leave a lead mark even the .44 magnum wouldn’t dent metal like that.Shot guns at point blank can tear through tempered steel that’ll defeat a revolver like a .357 or .44 magnum revolver but only if it’s point blank or a solid slug and if they are something like 20 or 12 gauge a .410 would bounce off even point blank.Well firearms is an interesting digression from hiking! Enjoy today’s hike mine in Scotland have been rather limited in 2021; Gretna Green and around the Solyway Firth, Urban walk in Edinburgh to the Royal Observatory and back to the centre and Glasgow to Cumberslang via the Clyde Walkway.

  2. What an amazing project, Quintin. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and reading more on your site about The Perimeter. Impressive! 😀👏🏻🥾

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