Day 275: Rubha Ruadh to Runival – beside Loch Hourn

Inverness-shire - North, Scotland

Date of walk: 10/3/19

The White House, Ambraigh, Glen Barrisdale, Knoydart, Scotland.

Creag Bheithe and the distant ridge leading to Ladhar Bheinn, Knoydart, Scotland.

Barrisdale Bay, Knoydart, Scotland.

Barrisdale Bay Dreich, Knoydart, Scotland.

Sgurr Mor, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

Loch Hourn, Knoydart, Scotland.

To the boathouse, Barrisdale, Knoydart, Scotland.

Gable, Barissdale, Knoydart, Scotland.

Runival at dusk, Loch Hourn, Scotland, March.

Loch Hourn Blue, Knoydart, Scotland.


Camping so near to the waterline, and surrounded by seaweed, it was a night to check the tide charts so I didn’t get a moist surprise later on!

Camp, Runival, Loch Hourn, Knoydart, Scotland.

Camp, Runival, Loch Hourn, Knoydart, Scotland.

Tent print, Runival, Loch Hourn, Knoydart, Scotland.

The approach to Barrisdale. it’s a bit windy!
The path to Kinlochourn from Barisdale.
Broken ground between Kinlochourn and Barisdale.
Late evening by Loch Hourn.

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British Architectural & Landscape Photographer.

5 thoughts on “Day 275: Rubha Ruadh to Runival – beside Loch Hourn”

  1. kevan hubbard says:

    You might see the Aurora Borealis tonight up there(30th October)as there’s been a huge coronal mass ejection from the Sun and it just crossing Earth’s orbit now.It was ejected about 3 days ago but had to get here travelling at less than 1 percent of the speed of light but still a lot faster than any human made craft which would take months to reach the Sun.

    • I never had any lock spotting an aurora in Scotland, i carried an app but it was always cloudy when they was strong activity

      • Kevan Hubbard says:

        I too have never seen them from Scotland but have from much further south from Oxford, England and much further north from Rekjavik, Iceland.And their southern cousins from Picton, New Zealand.It’s just luck but obviously knowing when is more likely helps.

  2. sheer amazement … incredible capture of the heart of the highlands … the remoteness, the enormity of the landscapes, the feeling for the environment and weather conditions. And the way you reflect man’s place in time and the universe.

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