Day 276: Runival to Glen Arnisdale – If it gets any harder I can’t go on

Inverness-shire - North, Scotland

Date of walk: 11/3/19

Strandline at Runival, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

The fifth day to go by in blur of cold and wet. Yet again I pour water out of my boots before getting into the sleeping bag. After strong gale force winds and heavy rain my tent starts to leak so I cover my sleeping bag with my jacket to protect it. I pack up as much as I can in case the tent collapses in the middle of the night. I write in my diary at 3 am: “If it gets any harder I can’t go on”. 

Loch Hourn from Runival, Scotland.

Skiary, Loch Hourn from Knoydart, Scotland.

Runival I, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

Runival II, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

Runival III, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

The path to Lochhournhead that felt like stepping on a travelator after so many days of rough ground in Knoydart, Scotland.

The path to Skiary, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

Approaching Skiary, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

Skiary and Ladhar Bheinn, Loch Hourn, Scotland.

The track from Skiary built above the shoreline. I remember feeling grateful for the toil required to make this in such a location, coming as I had from a week of pathless walking through similar terrain.

First glimpse of Lochhournhead, Scotland.

The road to Lochhournhead, Scotland.

Lochhournhead, Scotland.

Pylons to Skye, Lochhournhead, Scotland.

Ladhar Bheinn beyond Loch Hourn, Knoydart, Scotland.

Allt a’ Choire Reidh before it falls to Loch Hourn as a waterfall, Scotland.

Ladhar Bheinn, Knoydart, Scotland.

Allt a’ Choire Reidh, Scotland.


Morning by Loch Hourn.

Glacial striations by Loch Hourn.

Farewell Knoydart.

Joe’s Seat, Lochhournhead

Weary walkers come sit & rest

Wet feet time – I really should have crossed this when I could have jumped across a few miles back!

It’s raining – inside the tent.

Camp, Glen Arniside, Scotand.

It’s rained, hailed and sleeted, all within a few minutes. Must be time for porridge.
Bouncing hail at Runival.
Sleet o’clock at Runival.
Camp at Runival by Loch Hourn.
Towards glen Arniside, Kinlochhourn, Scotland.
Looking back to Knoydart above Allt A’ Choire Reidh, Kinlochhourn.
The time I thought the tent would finally fail on me completely. I had everything packed up in case the tent collapsed in the middle of the night.

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6 thoughts on “Day 276: Runival to Glen Arnisdale – If it gets any harder I can’t go on”

  1. Fenella says:

    OMG dreich doesn’t begin to describe that! Fantastic photos, glad you survived to share them 😉

  2. Pete Johnstone says:

    Goodness tough and wet walking – well done for keeping with the photography – that’s often the first to go when it gets tough.

  3. Denise says:

    So glad you stuck to it. The photography as always is spectacular

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