Day 282: Stromeferry (No Ferry) to Strathcarron – beside Loch Carron

Ross-shire - West, Scotland
Date of walk: 18/3/19


Stromeferry (No Ferry), Free Church Mission Hall, Scotland.

Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

Fishing boat in Loch Carron, Stromeferry, Scotland.

Strome Castle, Loch Carron, Scotland.

The road by Loch Carron, Scotland.

Cliff reinforcement by Loch Carron, Scotland.

Avalanche Shelter on the road to Lochcarron, Loch Carron, Scotland.

Avalanche Shelter by Loch Carron, Scotland.

Re-emergence. Lochcarron East Church, Loch Carron, Scotland.

Lochcarron East Church, Scotland.


Public gallows at Achintee.

Camp at Strathcarron.

New county!
Avoiding traffic beside Loch Carron
Making use of what must surely be Britain’s smallest waiting room to escape from the rain at Attadale.

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6 thoughts on “Day 282: Stromeferry (No Ferry) to Strathcarron – beside Loch Carron”

  1. kevan hubbard says:

    It would have to be a very short fellow who would be hung at those gallows!It was around Stromferry that the railways got into it’s usual shooting itself in the foot a few years ago.A rock fall had blocked the main road and anyone wishing to do the trip by car would have had a huge detour.So what did the railways do,you might think capitalise on it in true Thatcherite fashion, and get money from motorists by charging them to travel on the train from the stations either side of the blocked road but no they let them lay a temporary road down the railway controlled by a traffic light for when the train came.I wonder how many motorists would be happy to return the favour and let them lay a rail track on one of their roads?I suppose it was Thatcherite at the end….as usual the great car economy came first!

  2. Yes that road section was not very pleasant with the road narrow and constrained by cliffs on one side and the railway on the other there was nowhere to avoid the traffic. I did stop to visit Attadale Gardens though which was nice and I was able to walk on the foreshore for a bit though I had to use an “authorised users only” crossing of the railway line to get back to the road.

    Looks like you had rather a wet day.

    • The hamlet is spelt Strath Carran on the ordnance survey map, which is what I based it on but as you’ve pointed out that’s clearly wrong. Spelling changed to Strathcarron! Thanks

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