Day 285: Uags Bothy to Applecross Sand – (Is)landskein 

Ross-shire - West, Scotland
Date of walk: 9/4/19

Uags Bothy and Skye I, Scotland.

Bedstead I, Uags Bothy, Scotland.

Library, Uags Bothy, Scotland.

Bedstead II, Uags Bothy, Scotland.

Above the hearth, Uags Bothy, Scotland.

The throne, Uags Bothy, Scotland.

Crowlin Islands and Skye from near Uags Bothy, Scotland.

Inner Sound between mainland Scotland and Raasay with Skye beyond.

Fishing huts Camusterrach, Scotland.

Channel markers Poll Creadha, Scotland.

Gorse and Skye, Scotland.

Texting, Camustiel with Skye beyond, Scotland.

Loch a Mhuilinn, Milton near Applecross, Scotland.

Applecross, Scotland.

Stillness, Applecross Bay & Skye, Scotland.

I don’t want a haircut OK
*slams door, stomps to bedroom*

(Is)landskein I. Skye and Raasay, Scotland.

(Is)landskein IV. Skye and Raasay, Scotland.

Applecross Sand, Scotland,

The isles of Raasay, Rona and Skye, Scotland.

Morning in Uags Bothy.

Hearth at Uags Bothy.

One of my trekking pole tips is starting to look like a banana.

Looking for a camp site at Applecross Sand, Scotland.

Camp at Applecross Sand, Scotland.

Above Uags Bothy.
A beautiful start at Uags Bothy with Skye beyond.
From the path to Uags.
The road beyond Applecross.

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4 thoughts on “Day 285: Uags Bothy to Applecross Sand – (Is)landskein ”

  1. kevan hubbard says:

    Raasay is high on my list of Scottish islands to visit but behind Coll.

  2. Beautiful views especially the sunset (sunrise?) ones. I enjoyed Applecross and at least this part is easier albeit mostly on the road. I went down to the beach at Sand, but I seem to remember there was some sort of military base beside it?

    It was a shame about the pub in Applecross, I rate it as the most unfriendly pub I’ve encountered on my coast walk. A long list of “dos and don’t” on the wall outside should have been a warning but then told you cannot come in unless you book online first (how … there is no phone signal) then when I asked to use their Wifi to do that I was told I can’t because they were “fully booked”. When I pointed to the mostly empty tables outside and asked if those were all booked I was told “we’re short staffed”. I got the impression a “locals only” place.

    That bothy looks quite luxurious. I wasn’t staying there and might have had a nose inside if it was empty but there was already a group staying in there and more camping on the grass outside so I didn’t want to intrude by asking if I could look around.

    I remember locking my folding bike to the sign at the car park at Sand. When I came back for it later I couldn’t find the key to the lock anywhere in my pockets or bag. After a few minutes of panic I I noticed I had left the key in the lock when I left it there several hours earlier! Luckily people are honest around there.

    • The pastel photos are sunset. Yes, there is a military base at Sands, I was a bit desperate as it was so late and I was a way outside the perimeter fence so I thought it would be ok. Yeah, Applecross has a captive audience from people on the North Coast 500 coming over the pass. I’m not surprised about your bike story.

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