Day 286: Applecross Sand to Ardheslaig – Shieldaig Blues

Ross-shire - West, Scotland
Date of walk: 10/4/19

The lesser known Highland cow/Haggis crossbreed, Scotland.

By the Inner Sound looking across to Rona, near Lonbain, Wester Ross, Scotland.

A highland traffic jam, Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

Passing place, Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

Posing for the camera, Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

Cannon Bawz Run, North Coast 500, Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

Making the most of the traffic jam, Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

Easy to see the appeal of the North Coast 500. Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

The Inner Sound, Scotland.

Etcetera. Cuiag, Wester Ross, Scotland.

Torridon from the Applecross peninsula, Scotland.

Liathach from Loch Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland.

The way ahead towards Beinn Alligin and the Torridon Hills, Wester Ross, Scotland.

A milky dusk over Liathach. Wester Ross, Scotland.

Sunset, Beinn Alligin, Ardheslaig and Loch Torridon. Wester Ross, Scotland.

Shieldaig blues, Scotland.

On the path to Torrridon.

Setting up for the dusk photos by Loch Shieldaig.

Camp by Loch Shieldaig, Scotland.

Highland cows on the coast road of the Applecross peninsula.
Applecross Peninsula.
Descending towards Torridon at dusk.
Skye behind, Torridon ahead.
Torridon reveals itself on the way to Shieldaig.
Towards Torridon.

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10 thoughts on “Day 286: Applecross Sand to Ardheslaig – Shieldaig Blues”

  1. Pete Johnstone says:

    Lovely photos as usual. Looks drier here – what a wonderful country we live in. Your last video – was that taken by drone?

    • Yes it was both less rainy and boggy than further south. Indeed, it’s taken with a drone (DJI Mavic Air) that I set to track my movement. I started carrying a drone in addition to everything else as I got stronger and the landscape got easier.

      • I did wonder about that, thanks for explaining. I guess you must have had to use the drone sparingly with nowhere to charge it.

      • yes, I had four batteries, which are big and heavy. Each battery equalled one successful bit of footage, and about five failed attempts!

  2. Gosh I remember seeing the highland cattle on that road but nothing like as many as that and they were proving quite the tourist attraction then too. Did you look at what that road side stall sold apart from eggs and hats. Given that’s not a combination you often find together it makes me curious as to what the “Etc” might have been!

    The NC500 is a mixed blessing for us walkers, it brings in a lot more traffic on the roads. Doing my walk as a series of day walks however I did also drive around it and over the Applecross Pass (Bealach na Ba) which I know some have also chosen to walk. Having driven over it that was another reason I decided to go round over the rough land along the coast instead (I remember falling the line of posts (telephone/electric?) most of the way).

    • I think etc is Jam. very good too according to some comments on my original Twitter post! I mostly found the NC 500 a negative experience, less courteous and fast road users. Overwhelmed infrastructure, bins toilets and the like. Hugely inflated accommodation cost and locals, who weren’t profiting from all the incomers, weary of tourists, which I felt I had become in the areas of the NC500.

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