Day 316: Brawl to Strathy – Peat Cutting

Scotland, Sutherland - West

Date of walk: 22/6/19

Peat cutting on Strathy Point I, Sutherland, Scotland.

Strathy Point Lighthouse, Sutherland, Scotland.

Peat cutting on Strathy Point II, Sutherland, Scotland.

Uamh nan Con, Strathy Point, Sutherland, Scotland.

Peat cutting on Strathy Point III, Sutherland, Scotland.

Stealth mode activated,

“Cheltenham to Thurso, Now there’s a ticket you don’t see very often” says the inspector. The clue’s right there in black and orange.

Fascinating to see the resolutely coastal character of Norse in Scotland. (From Late Celtic Britain and Ireland by Lloyd Laing).

Distribution of blanket peat in Scotland.

Supplies for the long distance hiker.

Assembling ration bags.

Sending dehydrated food ahead like this means I can arrive to a B&B late and leave early in-between days of camping.

Now the upcoming terrain on the east coast is less rough and I’ll be carrying less weight overall I can swop out some gear for lighter options.

Food and gear prep for the next six week leg.
Peat cutting at Strathy Point.

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3 thoughts on “Day 316: Brawl to Strathy – Peat Cutting”

  1. John says:

    Would love your opinion of proper kit for your walks, and your care packages you send ahead

  2. kevan hubbard says:

    I suppose peat burning is frowned upon these days.Years ago it use to be the case that the Republic of Ireland had the only peat burning power station on Earth! Types of power stations;coal,oil,gas, nuclear….peat!

  3. My father-in-law’s family lived at Strathy. They were originally cleared from Achanlochy (Strathnaver) and had to learn how to fish instead of being able to rely on crofting to survive. Seeing some of the deserted cottages shows how much life has changed in a fairly short time!

Whether you have comments on the photos, some knowledge or a personal story on this area you’d like to share, or you’ve spotted a typo or error, I’d love to hear your thoughts.