Day 315: Bettyhill to Brawl – Lusitania and Borve Castle

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Scotland, Sutherland - West

Date of walk: 21/6/19

Emma & Shaun, Farr, Sutherland, Scotland. The boat behind them is a surviving lifeboat from RMS Lusitania that was converted to a fishing boat. The Lusitania was a UK-registered ocean liner torpedoed by an Imperial German Navy U-boat during the First World War killing 1,195 people including 128 Americans, on May 7, 1915. The disaster set off a chain of events that led to the U.S. entering WWI.

Farr Bay, Sutherland, Scotland.

Heather at Farr Point, Sutherland, Scotland.

Farr Point, Sutherland, Scotland.

Promontory with the ruins of Borve Castle (a few remnants of walls under the grass) Sutherland, Scotland.

Remains of the ditch that protected the neck of Borve Castle promontory, Sutherland, Scotland.

Sea arch under Borve Castle, Sutherland, Scotland.

Remains of Borve castle, a stronghold of Clan Mackay that they used as a base to carry out raids on their neighbours the Clan Sutherland till 1554, when it was destroyed, Sutherland, Scotland.

Kirtomy I, Sutherland, Scotland.

Potato harvester (having just passed the first flat field for many days this was the first indication that the ground was starting to get more fertile on heading east), Kirtomy, Sutherland, Scotland.

Kirtomy II, Sutherland, Scotland.

Track from Kirtomy, Sutherland, Scotland.

This was the moment, looking back west the way I’d walked, that the mountains seemed to lose their grip. Kirtomy, Sutherland, Scotland.

Looking back to from Kirtomy Point to Borve Castle and Farr Point, Sutherland, Scotland.

Great Sundew feeding time, Poulouriscaig, Sutherland, Scotland.

Poulouriscaig, a township settled by people cleared from Strathnaver in 1814-9 and deserted about 1943, Sutherland, Scotland.

Poulouriscaig, Sutherland, Scotland.

Visitors. Armadale Bay, Sutherland, Scotland.

Last light. Armadale Bay, Sutherland, Scotland.


Camp at Brawl, Sutherland, Scotland.

This dog followed me faithfully for about half an hour – I hope it made it back home!
Farr Bay.
From the high ground at Borve Castle.
Remains of Borve Castle above the clifftops.
Walking from the remains of Borve castle to the mainland.
Kirtomy fields.
Peaty refill.
Poulouriscaig township.
The landscape is starting to get gentler.
The softening contours towards Armadale.
Armadale Bay after sunset,
Armadale Burn meets Armadale Bay.
Last light from the dunes at Armadale Bay,

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