Day 162: Barrow-in-Furness to Kirkby-in-Furness – Flipped & Perched

Cumbria, England

Devonshire Dock Hall submarine building complex, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.

North end dunes, Walney Island, Cumbria.

Solar farm, Ormsgill, Cumbria.

North end marsh, Walney Island, Cumbria.

Flipped pillbox, Walney Channel, Cumbria.

Scafell and Scafell Pike across Duddon Sands, Cumbria.

Duddon Sands, Cumbria.

Perched pillbox, Walney Channel, Cumbria.

Lake District Fells from Duddon Channel, Cumbria.

Houseboat, Lowsy Point, Cumbria.

Cloud over Askam Pier, Cumbria.

Not what you want to see when you’re crossing a marsh at night!

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5 thoughts on “Day 162: Barrow-in-Furness to Kirkby-in-Furness – Flipped & Perched”

  1. Hope you didn’t get “told off” for taking a photo of the BAE Systems building at Barrow, I gather they don’t like it much! The boat looks a bit of an after thought on that house boat now. I remember this walk being rather a tricky one, as was the next stretch across the marshes. Very scenic, though.

    • They don’t indeed and with good reason. After having a little ‘chat’ I was told “We can’t stop you taking photographs but this is a sensitive area and you’ve been reported taking photographs.” make sense of that!

      The walk up the estuary was brilliant, difficult as you say but a fantastic sense of wilderness with the panorama of fells in the background.

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