Day 279: Totaig to Ardelve Point – Loch Duich and Eilean Donan Castle

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Ross-shire - West, Scotland

Date of walk: 15/3/19

Sqall over Loch Duich and The Five Sisters, Scotland.

The Five Sisters above Loch Duich, Scotland.

By Loch Duich, Scotland.

Some weather over Loch Duich, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle through rain, Loch Duich, Scotland.

Shiel Bridge, Scotland.

Bric-a-brac, Shiel Bridge, Scotland.

Shed at Invershiel, Loch Duich, Scotland.

A sheltered seat by Loch Duich, Scotland.

Approaching Eilean Donan when the rain suddenly stopped. It has rained solidly since the previous evening and while walking all around Loch Duich, Scotland.

I’m excited to get some time with Eilean Donan, the most iconic Scottish island castle. I camp on the opposite shore to photograph it at dawn and dusk. The next day I walk ten hours around Loch Duich and end up 700 metres away from where I started on the other side of the Loch! The car park is full of coaches by the castle and is my first taste of mass tourism in Scotland now the winter is over. Sunlight flits in and out between hail showers illuminating the bridge and castle, making for photography of rapidly changing mood, an example of why photography in Scotland is so much fun and hard to predict.

Eilean Donan Castle 4.51pm, Loch Duich, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle 4.54pm, Loch Duich, Scotland.

Last light at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.

Eilean Donan textures, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle bathed in golden light, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle catches the light, Scotland.

Eilean Donan with Saltire, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle with Loch Duich, Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle at dusk, Scotland.


Lunch out of the rain.

A rock and a tabletop tripod.

Camp at Ardelve point opposite Eilean Donan Castle.

Morning at Ardelve Point.

One of the many bus shelters that gave me a dry few moments respite on this journey!
Sleet by Loch Duich.
Windy night opposite Eilean Donan Castle.

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